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The Practice : Psychotherapy in Edinburgh and Scottish Borders

I am a psychotherapist in Edinburgh, and I provide a space for the practice of psychoanalysis or psychotherapy in Edinburgh city centre and also in the Scottish Borders near Jedburgh.

I also provide online sessions (e.g., SKYPE, Telephone, Zoom).

Psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an open-ended conversation with no agenda and no time limit (i.e. number of sessions). The practice (Greek: Praxis) of psychoanalysis attends to the person who comes for analysis, to listen and witness their concerns, and to facilitate, if possible some kind of loosening of the strictures than bind and contort experience.

I work with people with different needs under the rubric of mental distress. I have experience of working with people suffering anxiety, depression, addiction, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia type disorders. I also work with people who have feelings of low confidence, motivation issues, school/academic difficulties, and also sports people.

I also work in the area of Men's issues, especially male victims of domestic abuse.

I offer clinical supervision, academic support, reflective practice, facilitation of support groups.

"The psychotherapeutic relationship is therefore a re-search. A search constantly reasserted and reconstituted for what we have lost, and which some can perhaps endure a little more easily than others. True, in the enterprise of psychotherapy there are regularities, even institutional structures, pervading the sequence, rhythm and tempo of the therapeutic situation viewed as a process.... But the really decisive moments in psychotherapy, as every patient or therapist who has ever experienced them knows, are unpredictable, unique, unforgettable, always unrepeatable, and often indescribable." R.D. Laing, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst; Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise, 1967, p47.

If you feel like you could benefit from psychoanalysis/psychotherapy in Edinburgh or the Scottish Borders please visit my other pages on this website and to find out more about my in practice in Edinburgh city centre and the Scottish Borders. I also offer telephone and SKYPE/ZOOM consultations.

****************************Recent News, Events********************************

My presentation to The German Corona Investigative Committee on the covid psy-op and Menticide:



My new video: Tortured for Christ Part 1: https://youtu.be/K1Boi42A5lk?si=te7YB4g1E7-2tmfL

and part 2:  https://youtu.be/Rb8dqGYDcys?si=cG6EnTTzOQz2gyAM

My Novel published in 2022: Gulag Caledonia: a story of a dystopian future Scotland set in 2050 ravaged by globalism, gender politics, cultural Marxism, biosecurity surveillance and eco-totalitarianism. This is the story of David, separated from his wife and children by the state. His father, missing, taken by the state years earlier, leaves a huge void in his life. David has been fired from his post as a post-doctorate researcher at St Andrew’s University; for the “hate crime” of voicing supposedly misogynistic views via his research findings. The story finds him on Digital Universal Basic Income, living in a soulless tower block in the suburbs of Glasgow, where no real community exists. The Scotland of 2050 is essentially an open prison where people are controlled, barred from the countryside and who have little hope of escape from the totalitarian system. David is summoned to the State Department of Work and Well-being. He is assigned to a compulsory six-month work and well-being placement at the protein factories on the remote Outer Hebrides of Scotland. What follows is a descent into reminiscence of his long-lost father, his childhood and philosophical and religious reflections which act as a critique of the time. Gulag Caledonia: Amazon.co.uk: Scott, Dr Bruce, Scott, Dr Clare Marie, Scott, Fiona: 9781739657000: Books

An amazing interview: Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand Interview in 1989: https://youtu.be/helKvd5ymeE?si=dQmm8p9-nSlf7QlH

The proposed legislation re "Ending Conversion Practices" by the Scottish Government is anti-LGBT, anti free speech, pro-totalitarian and contra the European Court of HUman Rights legislation. My new video: https://youtu.be/kEyI4Jo4WCw?si=ODbw2ctimSwYLsVA

My discussion on TNT Radio with Sonia Poulton 29/01/23 talking about the proposed legislation up for consultation about "Ending conversion practices". At approximately 37 minutes in:  https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-tdmj8-1565e72


New video: The Philosophy of the Absurd & Absurd Psychotherapy: https://youtu.be/rAN0loRs4ic?si=tliPCgvuuyGnl2o2


New video: Anti-white racism and Critical Race Theory with Sonia Poulton and Sean Ward on RISE: https://youtu.be/jUPUizTrJQk?si=vrkSxp14_VbezNQq


I am the English Editor of Dr Aleksander Alekseychik's book "Psychotherapy With Life: Intensive Therapeutic life. If you would like a copy, please contact me by email. 



My new novel: Gulag Caledonia. Available here: Gulag Caledonia: Amazon.co.uk: Scott, Dr Bruce, Scott, Dr Clare Marie, Scott, Fiona: 9781739657000: Books



A video where I discuss the philosophy of Martin Buber. Beyond our thoughts. https://youtu.be/mdkH9qjX064?si=tXb4T4p7N3NEsTS2


My presentation to the German Investigative Corona Committee, on the unethical and illegal use of applied psychology as used by the UK and other governments in the world during the COVID-19 era, and currently used for "Climate".
COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK IN YOUR BROWSER TO ACCESS THE VIDEOhttps://odysee.com/@Corona-Investigative-Committee:5/Session-143-Dr.-Bruce-Scott-Odysee-final:2?r=6TWiAdV6xF3GdeY6KReGGD9Dvortsafe


New Article on UK Column: Menticide 101 and the brainwashing of a world-Part 3: New courage for old lies. https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/menticide-101-and-the-brainwashing-of-a-world-part-iii-new-courage-for-old-lies/CLICK HERE


My Keynote Speech at the FIRST INTERCONTINENTAL EXTRATERRITORIAL CONGRESS, First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress, PLANET OF PSYCHOTHERAPY: Children. Family. Society. Future. (Moscow, 26/06/2022): The tile of of my speech: The world of psychotherapy: The forgetfulness of courage, truth, children and of God.https://youtu.be/KFf_rw5mARs#/CLICK HERE

Presentation discussing Psychotherapy in Life and the influence of Dr Alexander Alexeychick (Lithuania) on my work and thinking. youtu.be/NV0zyPmIfas#/CLICK HERE


A conversation with my good friend Father Anatoly Finskey of Belarus, Psychiatrist/Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church discussing topics such as living under totalitarian communism, faith and psychotherapy. youtu.be/SpZ9Nlfw3MU#/CLICK HERE



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